Organic farming and food production is not easy, it takes real commitment and attention to detail.  It is the only food production system governed by UK and International Law, with the whole supply chain independently verified each year.  The standards our farmers work to cover all aspects of farming and food production including animal care, environmental protection, quality and food safety to name but a few.

For our milk to be called organic, it has to be produced according to a number of legally-binding rules; rules that not only ensure high animal welfare, but also guide farming best practice and environmental regeneration. Each year our farms are independently audited to ensure they maintain their organic certification; a food system you can trust.

Omsco products are Soil Association certified. They meet EU organic certification standards and, by special request, USDA organic certification requirements (as set out under the Equivalence Arrangement) and Chinese organic certification standards.


If you have any questions about certification, give us a call or send us an email.